Cryptocurrency in Vietnam

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Statista Dossier on cryptocurrency in Vietnam

Table of contents

    • Cryptocurrency adoption in 56 different countries worldwide 2019-2021

    • Countries with the highest DeFi adoption in the world in 2021

    • Cryptocurrency value expectations in 5 years' time SEA 2021, by country

    • Crypto Adoption Index ranking Vietnam 2021, by metric

    • Cryptocurrencies awareness and positivity towards crypto Vietnam 2021

    • Search interest in cryptocurrencies Vietnam 2021, by coin

    • Cryptocurrency adoption Vietnam 2019-2021

    • Cryptocurrency ownership Vietnam 2021, by age group

    • Cryptocurrency ownership Vietnam 2021, by coin

    • Digital currencies usage Vietnam 2021

    • Share of cryptocurrency investment in total assets among Vietnamese investors 2021

    • Cryptocurrencies with the most interest among investors Vietnam 2021

    • Most popular method for optimizing cryptocurrency investments Vietnam 2021

    • Weekly volume of P2P traded Bitcoin via LocalBitcoins Vietnam 2021-2022

    • Weekly value of P2P traded Bitcoin via LocalBitcoins Vietnam 2021-2022

    • Volume of P2P traded Bitcoin Vietnam 2016-2018

    • Value of P2P traded Bitcoin Vietnam 2016-2018

    • Number of Ethereum Mainnets Vietnam 2022, by location

    • Leading Vietnamese cryptocurrencies 2021, by market cap

    • Daily sales and price development of gaming dapp Axie Infinity to January 11, 2022

    • Share of people who participated in GameFi Vietnam 2021

    • GameFi share of total assets Vietnam 2021

    • Reasons for participating in GameFi Vietnam 2021

    • Most popular methods of investing in GameFi coins Vietnam 2021

    • Most used ecosystems for current GameFi investments Vietnam 2021

    • Leading blockchain games among GameFi investors Vietnam 2021

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