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Statista dossier about the biopharmaceutical company BioNTech

Table of contents

    • Global biotech drug sales 2012-2021

    • Percentage of global pharmaceutical sales by technology 2012-2026

    • Forecasted revenue of mRNA market revenue worldwide 2021-2035

    • Top pharmaceutical products by sales worldwide 2021

    • Top pharma and biotech companies by net sales growth in 2020

    • Top pharmaceutical companies in R&D spending growth 2020

    • Revenue of BioNTech 2017-2021

    • Profit of BioNTech 2017-2021

    • R&D expenses of BioNTech by type 2021

    • Total assets of BioNTech 2017-2021

    • Number of employees at BioNTech 2019-2021

    • Revenue of leading public RNA-based biopharma companies worldwide 2020

    • Leading mRNA biotech companies' market cap 2020

    • Moderna's revenue 2016-2021

    • Revenue of Sanofi 2006-2021

    • Select COVID-19 vaccine pricing and funding as of August 2020

    • Shareholdings at select COVID-19 vaccine companies by investor 2021

    • Bestselling COVID-19 vaccines and drugs worldwide in 1st HY 2021

    • Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines delivered by country income group 2021

    • Forecasted COVID-19 vaccine share of total mRNA revenues globally 2021-2035

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