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Statista Dossier on Smartphone users in France

Smartphones are keeping users more connected than they have ever been, allowing them to go online at any time, share their interests on social networks and remain informed about the latest trends.

The statistics included in this dossier show how French smartphone user behavior differs among various user demographics and among users of selected connection technologies. In addition to providing a profile of smartphone owners in France, this dossier illustrates types of smartphone usage and the role smartphones play in consumers' path to purchase, either in-store or online.

Table of contents

  • 1. Profile of smartphone users
    • Forecast of the smartphone user penetration rate in France 2018-2024

    • Smartphone users in France 2018-2024

    • Smartphone penetration in France 2019, by age group

    • Penetration of smartphones in France in 2019, by location of residence size

    • Penetration of smartphones in France in 2019, by social background

    • Penetration of smartphones in France 2019, by educational background

    • Mobile phone types used in France from 2011 to 2019

    • Number of smartphone users in France from Q1 2013 to March 2017, by installed OS

    • Phablets, NFC and 4G smartphones in circulation in France 2013-2014

    • Mobile phone market distribution in France 2013-2014, by brand

  • 2. General smartphone usage
    • Frequency of daily smartphone usage in France 2015

    • Delay after awakening and first mobile phone check in France 2015

    • Simultaneous usage frequency of a mobile phone and TV watching in France 2013

    • Smartphone push notifications: user behavior in France 2013

  • 3. Usage of smartphone features
    • Mobile phone features used in France 2017, by gender

    • Smartphone features used most in France 2014

    • Frequency of mobile shopping behaviors in France 2013

    • Breakdown of daily time spent using a mobile phone not making calls in France 2013

    • France: smartphone activities 2015

    • France: weekly smartphone activities 2017

    • Smartphone or tablet device preference in France 2014, by activity

    • Devices preferred for social media usage in France 2014-2015

    • Number of text messages sent weekly per user in France 2014, by age

    • Number of text messages sent weekly per user in France 2014, by social class

    • Motives for using mobile instant messaging in France 2014

  • 4. Mobile internet usage
    • Forecast of the mobile internet user penetration rate in France 2015-2025

    • Forecast of mobile internet user numbers in France 2015-2025

    • Mobile internet usage penetration in France 2010-2020, by age group

    • Mobile internet usage penetration in France 2011-2019, by urban area size

    • Mobile internet usage penetration in France 2010-2019, by study level

    • Locations of mobile internet usage via smartphone in France 2014 and 2015

    • Internet access frequency on a smartphone in France 2014

    • Mobile internet access penetration in France 2015, by time of the day and device

    • Simultaneous activity to mobile internet using in France 2013

    • Children accessing mobile internet via smartphone in France 2014, by time of day

  • 5. 4G mobile phones
    • Activities that users would perform more often with 4G access in France 2014

    • Penetration of 4G mobile phones and contracts in France 2013-2014

    • Paying extra fees to access 4G mobile internet in France 2014

    • Activities performed more often since getting 4G access in France 2014

    • Reasons for not subscribing to 4G/LTE phone plan in France 2014

  • 6. Purchasing via smartphone
    • Amount spent per purchase among m-commerce users in France 2013

    • Mobile buyers: distribution by purchase frequency in France 2015

    • Smartphone transactions distribution in France Q1-Q2 2015, by operating system used

    • Product types purchased via smartphone in France 2013

    • Path to purchase: first step taken by consumers via mobile in France 2013, by product

    • Mobile purchasing: reasons to complete a purchase via mobile device in France 2013

    • Preferred method of online shopping on a smartphone or tablet in France in 2015

  • 7. In-store use
    • Reason for using a mobile phone in a store in France 2014

    • Smartphone features used in shopping centers in France 2017

    • Use of smartphones by shoppers in retail stores in France in 2015

    • Pre-purchase product research via mobile phone in France 2013

    • Product information researched in-store pre-purchase via smartphone in France 2014

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