Footwear industry in Italy

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Statista dossier on the footwear industry in Italy

This dossier illustrates information on the footwear industry in Italy. The first chapter offers an overview on the global as well as on the Italian footwear industry. Thereafter, this dossier focuses on Italian imports and exports, showing data on value, volume, and average prices. Eventually, the fourth chapter depicts statistics on the domestic consumption, whereas the last chapter provides data on some of the main Italian footwear companies, such as Prada and Tod's.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Leading 10 footwear producers worldwide 2013-2019, by country

    • Leading footwear exporters worldwide in 2019, based on export value

    • Leading 10 global footwear importers by country 2019

    • Leading global footwear companies based on revenue 2019

    • Sales of the leading apparel/footwear retailing companies worldwide 2019

    • Leading footwear & leather retailers ranked by turnover in Europe 2019

    • Leading footwear & leather retailers in Italy 2019, by number of outlets

    • Number of employees in the footwear sector in Italy 2014-2019

  • 2. Exports
    • Export value of Italian shoes industry 2010-2019

    • Export volume of the Italian shoes industry 2014-2019

    • Export value of the Italian shoe industry 2019, by fabric

    • Export value of Italian shoes industry 2019, by destination area

    • Average price of exported Italian shoes 2019, by destination country

    • Average price of exported shoes from Italy 2019, by material

  • 3. Imports
    • Import value of the shoes industry in Italy 2012-2019

    • Import volume of the shoe industry in Italy 2012-2019

    • Import value of shoes industry in Italy 2019, by fabric

    • Shoes import value in Italy 2019, by geographical area

    • Average price of shoes imported in Italy 2019, by country of origin

    • Average price of shoes import in the Italian shoes sector 2019, by material

  • 4. Consumption
    • Leather and travel items retail sales value in Italy 2019-2021

    • Current expenditures of Italian families on shoes 2019, by type of shoes

    • Amount of shoes purchased by families in Italy 2019, by type of shoes

    • Average price per pair of shoes in Italy 2019, by type of shoes

  • 5. Selected Italian companies
    • Number of firms in Italian footwear sector 2014-2019

    • Geox worldwide revenues 2019, by product

    • Tod's Group: consolidated sales of the Italian fashion company 2013-2019, by brand

    • Net sales Prada Group 2016-2020, by brand

    • AEFFE Group: total sales 2019, by brand

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