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Statista dossier about the environment in Italy

This dossier presents statistics and facts about the environment in Italy. As well as figures related to landscapes and the weather, the dossier also provides a detailed look at numbers related to pollution, waste and environmental or natural disasters. Figures showing the level of awareness or concern of the Italian population towards global climate change are included as well.

Table of contents

  • 1. Landscape
    • Italy: highest mountains in 2018

    • Italy: largest lakes in 2018, by area

    • Italy: deepest lakes in 2018, by depth

    • Italy: largest rivers in 2018, by length

    • Italy: largest islands in 2018

    • Area covered by forest in Italy 1990-2015

    • Area covered by forest in Italy 1990-2015

    • Italy: national parks in 2018, by area

    • Italy: incidence of urban green areas on urbanized area of the cities 2016

  • 2. Weather
    • Italy: annual average precipitation 2015-2017, by macro-region

    • Italy: average monthly precipitation 2016

    • Italy: monthly maximum temperature 2017-2018

    • Italy: monthly minimum temperature 2017-2018

    • Italy: daily sun hours in Rome January 2017-August 2018

  • 3. Pollution
    • Italy: sources of noise pollution 2016, by region

    • Italy: sources of noise pollution 2016

    • Italy: households indicating high/medium presence of noise 2010-2016

    • Italy: distribution of litter on the beach by material 2018

    • Total annual greenhouse gas emissions in Italy 2005 to 2014

    • Italy: emissions of CO 2010-2015

    • Italy: emissions of black carbon 2017

  • 4. Waste
    • Italy: number of municipal waste landfills 2013-2017

    • Italy: amount of waste disposed at landfills 2005-2015

    • Italy: municipal waste disposed at landfills 2017

    • Italy: municipal waste incinerated 2017

    • Italy: waste incineration 2013-2017

    • Production of special waste in Italy 2005-2017

    • Amount of special waste in Italy exported 2017, by country of destination

    • Italy: production of special waste 2015, by type

    • Amount of special waste imported 2017, by country of origin

  • 5. Environmental or natural disasters
    • Italy: forest area affected by fire 2005-2015

    • Italy: forest area affected by fire 2015, by region

    • Italy: number of earthquakes 2018-2019, by magnitude

    • Italy: seismic classification of regions 2015

    • Italy: cities flooded in 2015, by economic damage

    • Italy: population exposed to flooding 2015

    • Italy: areas subject to lowrisk water-related hazards 2015

    • Italy: areas subject to medium-risk water-related hazards 2015

    • Italy: areas subject to high-risk water-related hazards 2015

    • Italy: industrial plants with a high risk of a major accident as of 2015, by activity

    • Italy: frequency of worrying about being a victim of natural disasters 2010-2017

  • 6. Public awareness
    • Italy: citizens awareness about environmental issues 2017

    • Italy: concern on global climate change 2017

    • Italy: most concerning environmental issues 2019

    • Italy: opinion on climate change cause 2018

    • Italy: opinion on personal actions to reduce non-recyclable product waste 2019

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