Geography & Nature

Statistics and market data on Geography & Environment

Geography & Nature statistics This section provides statistics and facts related to geography and the environment. The world is composed of a large variety of landscapes, from grassland and farmland, to mountains and deserts, to bodies of water and forests. There are statistics available on the biggest natural features, the area of certain types of land within country borders, and rankings about the quality of life in certain areas.

Natural disasters are another major facet of the geography and environment category. Wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, avalanches, rockslides, floods, and more affect not only the environment and landscape, but human and animal populations as well. Statistics on fatalities due to disasters are included in this section, along with data on the physical and economic damage that natural disasters cause.

Information on global climate change and pollution are also included in this category. Data on pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases can be found here, including the amount certain industries or geographic regions produce. The number of threatened or endangered species of plants and wildlife are also in this category, as well as information on the use and over-use of various resources, such as forests and fishing areas.

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