Smart cities in Italy

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Statista dossier about smart cities in Italy

Table of contents

  • 1. Smart city projects
    • Leading smart cities in Italy in 2019

    • Present and future interest in smart city projects in Italy 2019-2022, by segment

    • Italy: Smart city project priorities 2019, by area

    • Smart city projects' funding types in Italy 2017-2019

    • IoT market value in Italy 2016-2020, by field of application

    • Italy: IoT and Smart Cities 2014-2016

    • Italy: low-power wide areas 2016

    • Barriers to smart city project implementation in Italy 2018 and 2019

    • Italy: intellygent building market value 2020, by scenario

  • 2. Smart home
    • Smart home market value in Italy 2016-2019

    • Smart home market value in Italy 2017-2019, by distribution channel

    • Smart Home revenue forecast in the segment Energy Management in Italy until 2025

    • Number of Smart Homes forecast in the segment Energy Management in Italy until 2025

    • Europe: share of households equipped with a smart meter 2016, by country

    • Italy: number of mono-phase smart meters put into service 2000-2016

    • Italy: number of three-phase smart meters put into service 2002-2016

    • Italy: projected expenditure for 2nd generation smart metering 2017-2031

    • Italy: expenditure per meter for 2nd generation smart systems 2017-2031

  • 3. Smart lighting
    • Italy: number of LED spots installed in the field of public lighting 2015-2025

    • Italy: market value of efficient and smart lighting solutions 2020, by sector

    • Italy: share of smart technologies deployed in public lighting 2015-2020

    • Italy: costs of smart lighting solutions in the commercial sector 2015, by type

    • Italy: average cost of LED solutions for households 2015-2020

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