Training industry in the U.S.

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Statista dossier on the training industry in the United States

Table of contents

    • Spending in the workplace training industry in North America 2007-2020

    • Spending in the training industry in U.S. 2012-2021

    • Training industry extent of outsourcing in all companies U.S. 2021

    • Evaluation methods in L&D departments 2017-2019

    • Training department size in North America 2020

    • Training salaries in training industry in North America by region 2017-2021

    • U.S. training expenditure by type 2016-2021

    • Training staff payroll in U.S. 2012-2021

    • U.S. training expenditure on outside products and services 2012-2021

    • Top priority of L&D professionals in the United States 2019

    • Hours of training per employee by company size U.S. 2017-2021

    • Training expenditure per learner by company size U.S. 2015-2021

    • Training delivery methods in the training industry by company size U.S. 2021

    • Share of organizations by training methods given to managers in North America 2019

    • Share of expenditure allocated to employee training by job type 2021

    • Share of virtual training types offered to healthcare staff in the U.S. in 2020

    • Online training methods used in the training industry by type in U.S. 2021

    • Methods of skill building by L&D departments 2017-2018

    • Training industry learning technologies current usage in all companies U.S. 2021

    • Reskilling/upskilling employees with AI during onboarding in U.S. organizations 2019

    • Expectations of change in the training industry budget U.S. 2021, by industry

    • Reasons why training industry budget increased U.S. 2021

    • Training products and services anticipated for purchase in U.S. 2021

    • Projected funding for learning areas in the training industry next year U.S. 2021

    • Training industry projected use of outsourcing in all companies U.S. 2021

    • Learning trends to be implemented by L&D departments in North America 2020

    • Future use of training providers for workforce reskilling in U.S. by provider 2020

    • Reasons why the training industry budget decreased U.S. 2021

    • Change in the training budget compared to previous year U.S. in 2021

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