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Statista Dossier on pharmacies in Italy

This dossier presents a range of statistics and facts about pharmacies in Italy. It includes data about the density of pharmacies throughout Italy as well as figures regarding their structure (e.g. business size, market share).

Table of contents

  • 1. Number of pharmacies
    • Number of pharmacies in Italy 1990-2018

    • Number of pharmacies in Italy 2019, by region

    • Number of inhabitants per pharmacy in Italy 2019 by region

    • Number of parapharmacies in Italy 2007-2018

    • Pharmacy graduates in Italy 2008-2017

  • 2. Market size
    • Pharmacy revenue in Italy 2020, by segment

    • Pharmaceuticals products retail sales in Italy 2017-2020

    • Market value share of the generic pharmaceuticals in Italy 2006-2019

    • Growth rate of generic drugs market value in Italy 2017-2019

    • Market value of cosmetics sold in pharmacies in Italy 2010-2019

  • 3. Revenues
    • Retail pharmacy sales revenue in Italy 2010-2018

    • Pharmacies' revenues in Italy 2018, by type of product

    • Pharmaceutical market revenue in Italy in 2019, by type of drug

    • Turnover of pharmacies in Italy in March 2018, by region

    • Revenue of pharmacies in Italy 2019, by category

    • Distribution of pharmacies' turnover in Italy 2019, by category

    • Cosmetic and personal care products turnover of pharmacies in Italy 2013-2019

  • 4. Online pharmacies
    • Leading e-pharmacies in Italy 2017-2018, by turnover

    • Turnover growth of leading e-pharmacies in Italy 2018

    • Leading online pharmacies in Italy 2019, by number of visits

    • Distribution of visits to leading online pharmacies websites in Italy 2019, by device

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