State of health in India

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Statista dossier on state of health in India

Table of contents

    • Life expectancy in India 1800-2020

    • Crude birth rate in India 2010-2020

    • Death rate in India 2020

    • Total fertility rate of India 1880-2020

    • Infant mortality rate in India 2020

    • Health risk assessment among Indians 2020, by gender

    • Health risk assessment among Indians 2019 by select city

    • Body mass index India 2019 by socio-economic group

    • Number of births by type in India FY 2015-2020

    • Adopters of family planning by methods of contraception in India 2020

    • Pregnant women registered for ANCs in India 2019-2020, by state

    • Children immunization in India 2021 by type

    • States with highest number of polio vaccinations in India 2021

    • States with highest number of measles vaccinations in India 2021

    • States with lowest number of BCG vaccinations in India 2021

    • Share of respondents with diabetes India 2017-2020

    • Average blood pressure levels among Indians 2020, by gender

    • Share of respondents with heart problems India 2020, by age group

    • Number of suicides India 1971-2020

    • DALYs relative to other mental disorders Indian states 2017 by SDI

    • Share of DALYs relative to mental disorders 2017 India by classification

    • COVID-19 confirmed, recovered and deceased cumulative cases in India 2020-2022

    • COVID-19 cases in Indian states September 2022, by type

    • Share of districts in COVID-19 zones India 2020 by state

    • Cumulative COVID-19 tests India 2020-2022

    • Impact on mental health during COVID-19 lockdown India 2020 by companion

    • Respondents who felt depressed during COVID-19 pandemic India 2020 by frequency

    • Respondents who felt stress during COVID-19 pandemic India 2020, by intensity

    • Cumulative vaccine doses administered for COVID-19 India 2021-2022

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