Startups in France

Startups in France
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Statista dossier on startups in France

Table of contents

    • Number of startups in France 2014-2018

    • Top 3 leading French regions for business creation 2018

    • Leading sectors for business creation in France 2018

    • Vote breakdown for the first round of French regional elections 2021, by city size

    • Breakdown of new businesses directors by gender in France 2018

    • Survival rate of companies founded in 2010 and 2014 in France 2011-2017

    • Survival rate of new companies created in 2014 in France 2017, by sector

    • Level of confidence of startups in government actions in France 2018

    • Planned fundraising for startups in artificial intelligence 2015-2020

    • Sources of funding mobilized since the creation of a startup in France 2018

    • Use of tax credits by digital start-ups in France 2019-2020, by type

    • Ranking of the ten startups raising the most funds in France 2019

    • Ranking of the ten startups having raised the most funds in France January 2020

    • Funds raised by startups in France 2015-2019

    • Funds raised by digital startups according to their turnover in France 2020

    • Startup fundraising campaigns in France 2015-2019

    • French startups with investments from foreign funds 2020, by company's turnover

    • Turnover of French digital start-ups 2013-2020

    • Revenue of French digital start-ups 2013-2020, by geographical area

    • Share of turnover of French digital startups 2013-2020, by geographical area

    • Growth in digital startups' revenues in France 2018, by revenue segment

    • Number of jobs created by startups in France 2014-2018

    • Digital startups: types of employees wanted in France 2021, by field of work

    • Digital startups: workforce in France 2018, by qualification level

    • Employment contracts in digital startup in France 2020, by gender

    • French startuppers' opinion on the definition of startups 2018

    • Opinion of financial managers on the startup ecosystem in France 2018

    • Estimation of societal and environmental impact of French startups 2018

    • Fields in which CFOs would like to collaborate with startups in France 2018

    • Share of people wishing to work in a startup in France 2017, by age

    • Share of people wishing to work in a startup France 2017, by socio-professional group

    • Desire to create a startup in new technologies among the French 2018

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