Women in India

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Statista Dossier about the status of women in India

Table of contents

    • India's gender ratio 2005-2015

    • India's gender ratio 2015-16 by state

    • Life expectancy of women in India 2019

    • Literacy rate in India 2018, by gender

    • Employability in India 2014-2021, by gender

    • Unemployment rate in rural and urban India 2018-19, by gender

    • Financial institution account female ownership rate India 2011-2017

    • Number of ministries and states having GBC India FY 2016-2022

    • GPI in India 2018, by level

    • Gender parity index at primary school level India FY 2016-2019

    • Diploma awardees in India 2019 by gender

    • Undergraduate degree awardees in India 2019 by gender

    • Postgraduate degree awardees in India 2019 by gender

    • Gender parity index at tertiary school level India FY 2016-2019

    • Share of students attending private unaided school India 2019, by gender

    • Employment rate of urban women India 2016-2021

    • Share of women-owned MSMEs in India FY 2021

    • Share of seats held by women in PRI India 2014-2019

    • Number of women elected in Lok Sabha elections 1957-2019

    • Leading start-ups of female entrepreneurs in India in 2020, by funding value

    • Health risk assessment among Indians 2020, by gender

    • Number of suicides in India 1971-2019, by gender

    • Share of mental disorders among adult females India 2017 by classification

    • Fertility rate in India 2009-2019

    • Modeled estimate maternal mortality ratio India 2000-2017

    • Pregnant women registered for ANCs in India 2019-2020, by state

    • Number of births by type in India FY 2015-2020

    • Home births by unskilled birth attendants in Indian states 2019-2020

    • Reported rate of crime against women in India 2020, by state

    • Reported crimes against women in India 2020, by type

    • Number of reported rape cases in India 2005-2020

    • Number of reported dowry death cases in India 2005-2020

    • Women harassment cases in India 2020, by major city

    • Number of cyber crimes related to sexual harassment India 2016-2020

    • Impact on employment due to COVID-19 pandemic India 2020 by gender

    • Impact on mental health of Indian women during COVID-19 lockdown 2020 by age group

    • Domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdown in India 2020, by gender

    • Most important focus areas to achieve gender equality in future India 2019

    • Factors hindering women's equality India 2019

    • Opinion on equal pay for men and women in India 2019-2020

    • Daily time spent on unpaid household work India 2019, by gender and state

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