FMCG market in Singapore

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Statista Dossier on the FMCG market in Singapore

Table of contents

    • FMCG growth APAC H1 2018, by region

    • FMCG retail sales growth Singapore 2018

    • Value growth of the FMCG food segment in Singapore Q2-Q3 2020, by product type

    • Household expenditure breakdowns Singapore 2018

    • Food & beverages consumer spending forecast in Singapore 2010-2025

    • CPI of food excluding food servicing services in Singapore 2012-2021

    • Industrial production index of food, beverage and tobacco Singapore 2012-2021

    • Production facilities for food, beverages, tobacco Singapore 2011-2020

    • Food product import value Singapore 2010-2019

    • Retail sales value of packaged food in Singapore 2018

    • Private consumption expenditure food and non-alcoholic beverages Singapore 2012-2021

    • Real food & beverages consumer spending forecast in Singapore 2010-2025

    • Import volume non-alcoholic beverages Singapore 2013-2019

    • Consumer price index (CPI) of non-alcoholic beverages in Singapore 2012-2021

    • Food & beverages consumer spending per capita forecast in Singapore 2010-2025

    • Average retail price of 6-packs of non-aerated soft drinks Singapore 2012-2021

    • Average retail price of aerated soft drinks Singapore 2014-2021

    • Beverage consumption throughout the day Singapore 2020

    • Consumer price index (CPI) of personal care in Singapore 2012-2021

    • Retail sales index of cosmetics, toiletries and medical goods Singapore 2012-2021

    • Import volume of cosmetics, toiletries and beauty care products Singapore 2010-2019

    • Import value of cosmetics, skincare and beauty care products Singapore 2011-2020

    • Leading import countries for cosmetics and personal care products Singapore 2020

    • Changes in FMCG consumption since COVID-19 pandemic Singapore 2020

    • Change in e-commerce penetration rate for FMCG due to COVID-19 Singapore 2020

    • Frequently purchased products from e-commerce sites COVID 19 Singapore 2020

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