Cosmetics and hygiene industry in France

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Statista dossier on the cosmetics and hygiene industry in France

Table of contents

    • Value distribution of the global cosmetics market 2014-2020, by region

    • Growth rate of the global cosmetics market 2004-2020

    • Industry revenue of “wholesale of perfume and cosmetics“ in France 2012-2025

    • Industry revenue of “retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles“ in France 2012-2025

    • Cosmetics sector distribution in France 2020, by product

    • Number of local units in the cosmetic industry in France 2018, by type

    • Cosmetic and personal care exports from Europe 2018, by country

    • Value of personal care and chemical products exports from France 2011-2020

    • Value of personal care and chemical products imports in France 2011-2020

    • Commercial balance of personal care and chemical products from France 2011-2020

    • French worldwide cosmetics exports 2018, by region

    • Change in French cosmetics exports 2018, by region

    • Countries importing the most French perfumes and personal care items in value 2020

    • France's biggest perfumes and personal care products suppliers 2020, by import value

    • Value of France's largest beauty product exports 2019

    • Brand value of leading French cosmetic brands 2022

    • Consolidated sales of L'Oréal worldwide 2009-2021

    • Value of leading L'Oréal brands worldwide 2021

    • Worldwide revenue of Christian Dior 2020, by segment

    • Sales of Christian Dior perfumes and cosmetics in value worldwide 2013-2021

    • Alès Groupe consolidated sales worldwide 2012-2019

    • Alès Groupe distribution of turnover worldwide 2019, by product category

    • Total revenue of Hermès worldwide 2007-2021

    • Sales value of hygiene products in France 2021-2022, by type of product

    • Breakdown of the hygiene and beauty market in France 2019, by distribution channel

    • Turnover of the leading cosmetics retailers in France 2020, by turnover

    • Ranking of millennials' favorite beauty retailers in France 2019, by amounts spent

    • Market share of leading generalist beauty retailers among millennials in France 2019

    • Ranking of beauty and care brands in France 2018, by number of shops

    • Share of cosmetic retailers in France 2018, by region

    • Cosmetic companies' website traffic, by number of visits in France 2020

    • Cosmetic companies' website search traffic in France 2020

    • Share of cosmetic manufacturers in France 2018, by region

    • Production value of perfumes and hygiene products in France 2008-2018

    • Employees in the perfumes and cosmetics manufacturing sector in France 2008-2018

    • Share of raw material suppliers for cosmetics in France 2018, by region

    • Production area of ​​perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants in France 2014-2018

    • Production areas of perfume, aromatic and medicinal herbs in France 2014-2018

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