Coronavirus: impact on internet and media in Latin America

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Statista Dossier on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on internet and media in Latin America

Table of contents

    • Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact index by major sector and dimension 2020

    • Worldwide ICT spending 2017-2021, by category

    • Electronics industries impacted by supply delays due to COVID-19 worldwide in 2020

    • Global online traffic change YoY 2021

    • Online traffic change YTD 2021, by industry

    • COVID-19 impact on global retail e-commerce site traffic 2019-2020

    • Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on global ad spend 2019-2020

    • Estimated ad spending change due to coronavirus worldwide in 2020, by category

    • Reduced media budgets worldwide due to coronavirus in 2020 , by region

    • Telco revenue decrease due to COVID-19 in Latin America 2020

    • Latin America: increase in web traffic during the novel coronavirus outbreak 2020

    • Latin America: download speed change during COVID-19 2020

    • Latin America: change in consumer device unit sales due to COVID-19 2020

    • Latin America: changes in media consumption during Covid-19 2020

    • Time spent in TV during the COVID-19 outbreak in Latin America, by country

    • Latin America: increase in pay TV use due to COVID-19, by country

    • Latin America: number of OTT vs pay TV subscribers 2018-2020

    • Latin America: box office results 2019-2020

    • Latin America: print media circulation growth 2020-2024

    • Latin America: online news consumption during Covid 2020

    • Latin America: advertising spending 2010-2024

    • Latin America: ad spend growth 2010-2024

    • Latin America: ad spend change 2022, by medium

    • Latin America: decrease in digital advertising due to COVID-19, by country

    • Latin America: increase in display ad spend during COVID-19, by country

    • Latin America: increase in display ad spend during COVID-19

    • Latin America: countries with most online mentions regarding COVID-19

    • Latin America: distribution of posts on social media about COVID-19, by country

    • Latin America: distribution of social networks' content by platform 2020

    • Latin America: growth in social media usage during COVID-19

    • Latin America: change in market share of social media sites 2020

    • Latin America and the Caribbean: rise in incidence of computer viruses 2020

    • Retail e-commerce sales in Latin America 2017-2025, by category

    • E-commerce revenue in Latin America 2021-2022, by country

    • Retail e-commerce growth in Latin America 2020-2022, by country

    • Online retail users in Latin America 2017-2025

    • Online retail orders weekly growth rate in Latin America 2020, by country

    • Latin America: changes in e-commerce apps install 2020, by country

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