Internet usage in China

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Statista Dossier on internet usage in China

Table of contents

    • Global internet access rate 2005-2021

    • Number of worldwide internet users 2009-2021, by region

    • Penetration rate of internet users in China 2008-2021

    • Number of internet users in China 2008-2021

    • Internet user number growth in China 2015-2021

    • Internet users in China by connection type 2009-2021

    • Share of mobile internet connection in China 2018-2025, by network technology

    • Number of 5G base stations in China 2019-2021

    • Number of webpages in China by region 2021

    • Companies with the highest number of IPv4 addresses in China 2021

    • Distribution of internet access in China 2018-2021, by device type

    • Internet user distribution in China 2010-2021, by urban and rural region

    • Gender distribution of internet users in China 2017-2021

    • Age distribution of internet users in China 2021

    • Employment structure of internet users in China 2020

    • Income distribution of internet users in China 2010-2020

    • Online user penetration in China 2021, by activity

    • Weekly average time spent online in China 2011-2021

    • Time spent with internet media in China Q3 2021, by type

    • Internet technology usage in China 2021, by category

    • Online activities can be done by seniors alone in China 2021

    • Breakdown of expectations of 5G service in China 2021, by use

    • Major reasons for not upgrading to 5G network services in China 2021

    • Level of understanding of metaverse in China 2021

    • Expectations of metaverse adoptions in China 2021, by field

    • Tendency to socialize in metaverse in China 2021

    • Major concerns of metaverse in China 2021

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