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Demographics & Use statistics This page provides statistics, facts and market data related to internet usage. This includes information on popular online activities, usage duration as well as demographics and country-specific online access.

Currently, more than 2.5 billion people worldwide have access to the internet with an average global penetration rate of 35 percent. According to sources, North America and Western Europe are the global regions with the highest internet penetration rates of approximately 80 percent whereas South Asia is ranked lowest in online penetration. As of 2012, the gender distribution of the worldwide online population was a 47 to 53 percent split between female and male internet users with slight differences between global regions. The age distribution of internet users worldwide skews towards younger online audiences with more than half of online users being 34 years of age and younger.

According to studies, search engines and social networking sites are the most commonly visited types of websites worldwide, followed by web portals and user-generated content sites.

Recent data indicates that there are currently more than 191 million internet users in the United States, accounting for the second-largest online population worldwide. Typical daily online activities include social media and email, as well as online shopping and digital video. Internet adoption is near universal across separate genders and age groups.

As a contrast, the United Kingdom is close to 40 million with a large base of mobile internet users. Compared to the rest of the EU, the UK has a comparatively higher percentage of households with internet access.

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More interesting topics from the industry "Demographics & Use"

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