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Statista Dossier on 5G in France

This dossier contains statistical information about 5G in France. It provides general statistics on the implementation of 5G on an international and European scale, an overview of the French telecom market, mobile phone standards and mobile operator data, as well as information on 5G deployment in France and the public opinion.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • 5G mobile subscriptions worldwide 2019-2026, by region

    • Global 5G-enabled smartphone shipment forecast 2019-2025

    • 5G security market size worldwide 2018-2023

    • Availability of 5G in countries 2020

    • Europe: 5G upgrade costs and benefits across use cases

    • Benefits and costs of 5G upgrade for innovation platforms in Europe

    • Fibre broadband penetration rate in France 2007-2019

  • 2. 5G implementation
    • Number of 5G antennas under test in France 2020, by operator

    • Ranking of French cities by number of 5G antennas 2020

    • 5G coverage according to operator and frequency in France 2020

    • Index score for 5G implementation readiness in France, by factor

    • Bouygues Telecom's 5G coverage in France 2020, by region

    • Free Mobile's 5G coverage in France 2020, by region

    • Orange's 5G coverage in France 2020, by region

    • SFR's 5G coverage in France 2020, by region

  • 3. Opinion
    • Share of French people familiar with the concept of 5G 2020

    • Opinion on 5G implementation in France 2020

    • Share of people willing to take out a 5G subscription when available in France 2020

    • Considered future usages by French people thanks to the implementation of 5G 2020

    • Share of French people in favor of the destruction of 5G cell towers 2020

    • Share of people fearing health risks due to electromagnetic fields in France 2020

  • 4. French telecom market
    • Telecom service investment in France 2009-2018

    • Telecom market revenue in France 2008-2019

    • Market revenue of the fixed-line sector in France 2008-2019

    • Market revenue of the mobile sector in France 2008-2019

  • 5. Mobile phone standards
    • 2G base stations in service in France 2019, by operator

    • 3G base stations in service in France 2019, by operator

    • Number of active 3G subscriptions in France 2007-2019

    • 4G coverage in France 2020, by operators

    • Share of French territory covered by 4G in 2020, by operator

    • Number of active LTE subscriptions in France 2013-2019

  • 6. Mobile operator data
    • Mobile Internet: download speed by operator in France 2019

    • Orange: number of 4G customers in France 2014-2018

    • Orange: number of broadband Internet customers in France 2016-2018

    • Number of high-speed Internet customers of Bouygues Telecom 2013-2020

    • Number of Bouygues Telecom's fixed and broadband subscribers in France 2009-2019

    • Number of SFR Group's fixed/broadband customers in France 2009-2019

    • Revenue of Free's broadband in France 2010-2020

    • Number of Free's broadband subscribers base in France 2010-2020

    • Number of Free Mobile's LTE users in France 2014-2019

    • Number of Bouygues Telecom's broadband and fibre subscribers in France 2010-2020

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