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International Trade statisticsInternational trade is an essential part of the global economy. Countless businesses depend on foreign consumers to boost their profits and consumers (both individual and industrial) depend on foreign suppliers to meet their demand for goods and resources.The international trade industry involves the exchange of goods and/or services between countries. Trade benefits nations as one country can gain access to merchandise or commodities available in another nation. Technological developments and the deployment of internet services worldwide have transformed the international trade sector.

Nations generally export goods that they can produce more efficiently than others, and they import goods that other countries can produce more efficiently.

Information and communication technologies will continue to prove key to industry performance over the coming years. International trade has many benefits, including the sharing of goods, services and expertise that fosters innovation and technological development. Governments as well have the capacity to use trade as a tool to achieve sustainable growth, and policy favoring initiatives open up markets that can lead to higher employment.

Thanks to international trade, countries can be exposed to a wider range of goods and services than those readily available in their own region. Exposure to foreign cultures gives rise to demand for goods and services that would otherwise have remained unexplored. Goods available through international trade include jewelry, foods, wine, clothes, and oil. Services available through international trade include banking, transportation, consulting and tourism.

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