Connected cars in Italy - Statistics & Facts

Many devices are embracing the digital evolution, and cars are no exception, with the addition of internet, tracking systems and wireless networks in so-called connected cars. As in many European countries, Italian car drivers are moving towards connected cars.

According to a survey, 84 percent of the respondents think that connected cars are a real improvement in terms of comfort and guide. Second, respondents reported that connected cars should satisfy some criteria such as fuel saving, less failures, safety of passengers and travel time optimization. Besides the features available, Italians do not seem encouraged to use them; 38 percent responded positively to connected features, while 45 percent reported that nothing will change regarding the frequency they use their car.

Innovation also means creation of added value and connected cars are more likely to be purchased for their innovative systems. In fact, car drivers would be willing to pay more for the features offered such as tracking systems and car block (in case of theft), systems of predictive maintenance and systems of pedestrian detection. Italians also show interest in commercial/promotional offers suited to their habits.

Regarding who should lead this "revolution", Italians are very clear. According to a survey, 55 percent of the respondents reported that car manufacturers, followed by software producers and car component producers, are the most suitable actors to transform the traditional car into a connected car. However, car drivers should not forget the importance of a clear legal framework in order to anticipate concerns regarding usage of the information provided by the car.

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Connected cars in Italy - Important statistics

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