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The Finnish music industry today is characterized by growing digitalization. As of 2014, digital sales have accounted for the majority of music sales in Finland. In 2016, as much as 75 percent of the music industry revenue was generated by digital music sales, which reached 27.5 million euros that year. Despite the digital music growth, music sales have seen little increase in recent years. After falling from 42 million to under 36 million euros in 2014, sales grew slightly to 37 million euros in 2016. At the same time, the revenue from physical music sales fell steeply, dropping to a record low of nine million euros in 2016.

The largest music companies in Finland are Universal Music, Warner and Sony Music Entertainment Finland, each holding a 30 percent market share. Finnish music in the 20th century was first dominated by schlager music and jazz, later moving on to rock, pop, hip hop, rap and heavy metal. The best-selling albums of all time include several schlager, pop and rock bands such as the male solo artist Jari Sillanpää, the Finnish 80s pop band Eppu Normaali and the rock band Dingo.

In the 21st century, bestseller lists with both domestic and foreign artists mention several pop singers, including the British singer-songwriters Adele and Ed Sheeran as well as Finnish male singers Robin and Antti Tuisku. Finnish listeners are known for their love of heavy rock and metal music, with bands such as Nightwish and Iron Maiden also enjoying popular success. While domestic artists and bands made up for 60 percent of physical music sales in 2016, the corresponding figure regarding digital music was 30 percent. That year, domestic music accounted for 40 percent of all music sold in Finland.

According to a 2016 survey, radio dominates Finnish music consumption, being also the most effective distribution channel for new music. Approximately one-third of music is accessed via YouTube, and streaming services account for one-fourth of usage. As of 2017, the most popular digital music platforms among Finns are YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. Online music subscriptions are the main revenue stream of digital music in Finland with sales reaching 23.4 million euros in 2016.

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