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Guatemala - Statistics & Facts

Located in Central America between El Salvador and Mexico, Guatemala is a relatively small country with an estimated population of about 18 million inhabitants. The capital of the country is Guatemala City, with about a million people living there. One-third of the state’s population is younger than 14, making Guatemala the country with one of the youngest populations among Latin American nations. Moreover, the median age of the Guatemalan people in 2020 was estimated at only 22.9 years, which is quite young - for comparison, the global median age was 30.9 years that same year.

The History of Guatemala

Historically, the Maya civilization occupied the territory of Guatemala as well as neighboring regions, and remained the only presence in the country until the beginning of the 16th century, when Spanish contact was made. Until roughly three centuries later, Guatemala acted as a Spanish colony, and in 1821 gained its independence. Throughout time it was exposed to various types of governments, as well as a prolonged guerilla war. After 36 years of war, which took a toll on the country’s demographics, a peace treaty was signed by the government in 1996. The country's official language is Spanish, although numerous Maya languages are still spoken in Guatemala.

Economic growth despite violence and crime

Economically speaking, Guatemala’s progress is hindered by corruption, poverty, and poor infrastructure. Additionally, people have to cope with violence caused by organized crime including murder, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, and other illegal activities. In 2020, the country’s GDP was estimated to amount to over 77 billion U.S. dollars, maintaining a steady economic growth rate. The inflation rate in Guatemala hovers between three and five percent and is expected to stabilize around four percent in the following years. The government reports a budget deficit and has been doing so for years, however, it is estimated the deficit will remain above 2 percent until 2025.

Agriculture accounts for the smallest share in the country’s GDP generation and employs roughly one-third of Guatemala’s workforce. Still, Guatemala is one of the leading exporters of goods such as sugar, coffee, and bananas. The lion's share of all exports from Guatemala goes to the United States.

Nature and tourism

Although the country is periodically affected by natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and floods, it has high potential for tourism. In 2019 alone, more than 1.75 million international tourists arrived in Guatemala and generated a revenue of 4.02 billion U.S. dollars. Nevertheless, the aforementioned natural disasters lead to massive displacement of people. In 2020 alone, there were 339,000 new internal displacements caused by disasters in the Central American nation.

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