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Internal combustion engines (ICE) have been around for centuries, but not until the past two hundred years have they become so pervasive in modern society. Since the 1800s, this type of engine has served as the primary method to power various types of vehicles, especially the passenger vehicle. With the advent of the Model T in 1908, Ford Motor Company helped popularize car use through the mass production of automobiles. With the sudden availability, affordability, and increased safety of cars, the American consumer began a love affair that continues to this day. However, this new love affair meant that fuel supplies would need to significantly increase to match the ever-growing demand to hit the road. Gasoline station sales continued to swell into the 21st century, with a slight dip following the recession, and, since 2012, sales have been on the decline.

Environmental concerns are beginning to disrupt the monopoly that gasoline-powered vehicles held over the industry for so long. Fuel ethanol or "biofuel" production has skyrocketed from 175 million gallons produced in 1980 to an estimated 15.8 billion gallons produced in 2017. Alternative fuels provide options for consumers to drive vehicles that emit significantly decreased levels of air pollution. Electric vehicles employ the use of electric motors, which allow for consumers to drive without concerns over emitting dangerous air pollutants. However, these type of vehicles still present concerns over efficiency, battery range and safety. Thus, manufacturers such as Toyota offer popular hybrid models that utilize ICEs to help power electric motors.

It is evident that gasoline-powered vehicles are losing their stronghold over the automobile industry. However, the jury is still out over when alternative fuel options will overtake the beloved vehicles that pushed Americans to hit the road.

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Gasoline-powered vehicles in the United States

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