Chinese Smartphones On The Rise


In terms of unit sales, Samsung is way out in front in the smartphone market at the moment. With Apple predictably in second place, the three vendors vying to break into this lucrative two-horse race are all Chinese. The head of Huawei, Richard Yu, recently stated with confidence that his company will overtake Apple in the smartphone market within the next two years. Looking at the infographic below, that claim may not be as bold as it first sounds.

After a Q3 on Q3 increase in end user unit sales from 2015 to 2016 of 18.52 percent, combined with a fall at Apple of 6.65 percent, Huawei are now almost within ten million units and very much heading in the right direction. Larger growth was also seen at Oppo (110 percent) and BBK (90 percent). If this Chinese rise continues, the global smartphone landscape could look rather different in a few years' time.

Infographic: Chinese Smartphones On The Rise | Statista
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