Fare Deal? Taxi Drivers' Earnings Compared To Uber


How do Uber drivers' earnings compare to taxi drivers in major U.S. cities? The National Bureau of Economic Research released a report showing that Uber drivers are sometimes outearning their counterparts in taxis and chauffeurs by considerable margins. San Francisco is the most lucrative city in the U.S. for drivers using the ride-hailing app where hourly earnings are estimated at $23.87. A taxi or chauffeur driver would only take home $12.96 every hour on average.

It is important to not that the figures below do not take expenses incurred by Uber drivers into account. Gasoline, insurance cover and other expenses are not reimbursed by Uber whereas taxi drivers generally have their costs covered by their employer. A full-time Uber driver with a medium sedan can expect to incur hourly expenses of about $4.79.

Infographic: Fare Deal? Taxi Drivers' Earnings Compared To Uber  | Statista
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