Volume of still wine in Europe 2014-2027

Volume of the still wine market in Europe from 2014 to 2027

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Supplementary notes

Data provided by Statista Market Insights are estimates.


Still Wine is a type of wine that is not carbonated or sparkling. It is made by fermenting grapes or other fruits and can vary in flavor and body depending on the grape variety, winemaking technique, and region. Included are red, white, and ros頷ines with an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 8.5% or more.


The Still Wine subsegment contains data regarding the following categories:

  • Red wine, which is a type of wine based on dark-colored grapes. Distinctive for red wine is the dark red color.
  • White wine, which is a type of wine based on light colored grapes. Distinctive for white wine is the transparent, light yellow or green color.
  • Ros頷ine, which is a type of wine that is based on red grapes. In contrast to red wine, the color of ros頷ine is lighter. Distinctive for ros頷ine is the pink or light red color.

Additional Information:

The market comprises revenue and average revenue per capita, volume and average volume per capita, price per unit (per liter), as well as sales channels. Additionally, it covers sales (at-home sales, out-of-home sales, and eCommerce sales) to private end customers (B2C).

  • The at-home market encompasses sales via supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and similar channels.
  • The out-of-home market encompasses sales to hotels, restaurants, catering companies, caf鳬 bars, and similar hospitality service establishments.
  • The eCommerce market encompasses the sale of physical goods via digital channels. Online sales are also displayed in the eCommerce Alcoholic Drinks subsegment of Digital Market Insights. However, online sales that are attributable to the out-of-home consumption of alcoholic beverages are not included.

Different prices are considered for at-home and out-of-home consumption. The price per unit refers to liters as a base unit, and the average price is a combination of the at-home and out-of-home prices, which includes all sales and consumption taxes. At-home and out-of-home prices are displayed separately and can be found in the lowest segment-levels of the Alcoholic Drinks market. Per capita figures refer to the whole population.

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