eHealth solutions for Diabetes revenue forecast by subsegment in Italy 2021-2027

Revenue of eHealth Diabetes solutions forecast by subsegment in Italy from 2021 to 2027

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Supplementary notes

Data provided by Statista Market Insights are estimates.

The eHealth segment contains the user and revenue development of four categories: (1) eHealth Devices, (2) eHealth Apps, (3) Online Pharmacy, and (4) Online Doctor Consultations. This market includes devices and apps that help users monitor and analyze lifestyle-related aspects and improve their overall health.

eHealth Devices comprise biosensors that collect information on a variety of health parameters and vital signs of a person (blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, weight) by reading or measuring this data and transmitting it via electric signals.

eHealth Apps include various apps that help users monitor/detect/analyze physical health conditions. Contraception and fertility apps provide users with guidelines on self-care, family planning, and birth control topics, raise their awareness, and offer monitoring functions. Medication checker apps provide users with useful dosage intake guidelines, drug interaction information, and personal medication records. The user base of eHealth Apps covers paying and non-paying customers. The revenue figures only include revenues generated from paid apps offering premium options and from in-app purchases; revenues from app downloads and advertising revenues are not included.

The Online Pharmacy segment includes over-the-counter medicine that can be purchased without a medical prescription through online sales channels. The segment comprises analgesics, cold and cough medication, digestives and intestinal remedies, skin treatment products, as well as vitamins and minerals. It includes both products which are exclusively sold in pharmacies and products which can be purchased elsewhere. Sales by hospitals are not included.

Online doctor consultations or teleconsultations make up one of the biggest shares in the telemedicine industry. This segment focuses solely on remote consultations between patients and doctors conducted via online channels, either websites or mobile apps. These consultations can be organized by both public and private medical institutions. Online appointment scheduling, online medical records, and online prescriptions are not considered. The user figures include those who have already used online doctor consultation services in the past 12 months and prospective users who might consider using them in the future. The revenue figures cover revenues generated from paid consultations conducted via a website or mobile app.

The data only reflects B2C revenues; B2B and C2C revenues are not covered.

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