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  • Revenue in the Hotels market is projected to reach US$410.00bn in 2023.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 4.20%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$483.40bn by 2027.
  • In the Hotels market, the number of users is expected to amount to 1.33bn users by 2027.
  • User penetration is projected to be 14.8% in 2023 and 16.8% by 2027.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to US$0.36k.
  • In the Hotels market, 81% of total revenue will be generated through online sales by 2027.
  • In global comparison, most revenue will be generated in the United States (US$106,100.00m in 2023).

Key regions: India, Vietnam, Singapore, United States, Indonesia

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Analyst Opinion

The Hotels market will keep its pole-position among the Travel & Tourism markets, when it comes to revenues and user penetration rate. Surveys show that Hotels are, especially for Asian tourists, without doubt the most popular accomodation option.


The Travel & Tourism market was created by extending the Online Travel Booking market with trips and accommodations booked offline. The definition of users has also been changed with the newest update. Previously only the paying users were defined as users but the current number of users represents the number of all travelers. Travel booking in the last two decades has become increasingly online. For this reason, we use the online-conducted Global Consumer Survey as a main source of our research. Furthermore, we rely on market data from independent databases and third-party sources, analysis of various key market and macroeconomic indicators, historical developments, current trends, and reported performance indicators from the key market players. 


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