Coal-mining employment in West Virginia from 2009 to 2014, by mine type

This statistic shows the coal-mining employment in West Virginia from 2009 to 2014, by mine type. In 2009, 21,671 people were working in West Virginia's coal industry in total. Of that number, over 14 thousand of the employees worked underground.

Coal-mining in West Virginia

Coal-mining in West Virginia totaled 18,330 jobs in 2014, with 14,338 jobs located in underground mines and 3,992 jobs dedicated to surface mines. Based on underground mine production, West Virginia is one of the top states in the country. In the Appalachian region, where West Virginia is located, there were nearly 45 thousand coal mining jobs in 2014. Within West Virginia, 23 counties produced coal in 2014, with the McDowell County producing the most. In West Virginia, business taxes paid by the coal and utility industry account for over half of the total business taxes paid.

In 2009, coal was extracted from 51 different coal seams in the state, and there are 65 seams located in the region that are considered economically viable. While West Virginia is not the largest producer of coal in the United States, it nevertheless remains one of the largest producers in the United States, only surpassed by Wyoming. In 2014, Wyoming produced 395.7 million short tons of coal, and West Virginia produced some 112 million short tons. Despite being one of the largest producers in the United States, coal consumption is greater in many other U.S. states than in West Virginia.

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Underground 14,842 15,136 16,963 17,085 15,694 14,338
Surface 6,829 5,955 6,344 5,701 4,587 3,992
Total 21,671 21,091 23,307 22,786 20,281 18,330
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