Cities with the largest percentages of single-person households in the United States in 2014

This graph shows the 20 cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more that had the highest percentage of one-person households in 2014. In 2014, about 47.8 percent of all households in Atlanta City in Georgia were one-person households.

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 Percentage of households
Atlanta city, Georgia 47.8
Santa Monica city, California 47.4
Cincinnati city, Ohio 46.3
East Orange city, New Jersey 45.6
New Haven city, Connecticut 45.5
St. Louis city, Missouri 45.2
Washington city, District of Columbia 44.6
Southfield city, Michigan 44.4
Alexandria city, Virginia 43.9
Wilmington city, Delaware 43.6
Miami Beach city, Florida 43.6
Albany city, New York 43.2
Richmond city, Virginia 43.1
New Orleans city, Louisiana 42.9
Cleveland city, Ohio 42.5
Schenectady city, New York 42.2
Pittsburgh city, Pennsylvania 42.2
Rochester city, New York 41.9
Fort Lauderdale city, Florida 41.6
Dayton city, Ohio 41.6
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