Cities with the largest percentages of single-person households in the United States in 2015

This graph shows the top 25 cities in the United States with a Household number of 100,000 or more that had the highest percentage of one-person households in 2015. In 2015, about 50.3 percent of all households in Atlanta City in Georgia were one-person households.

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 Percentage of households
Atlanta city, Georgia 50.3
New Orleans city, Louisiana 45.1
St. Louis city, Missouri 44.8
Cincinnati city, Ohio 44.7
Cleveland city, Ohio 43.9
Pittsburgh city, Pennsylvania 42.4
Washington city, District of Columbia 42
Arlington CDP, Virginia 41.9
Buffalo city, New York 41.7
Minneapolis city, Minnesota 41.1
Miami city, Florida 41.1
Detroit city, Michigan 39.2
Indianapolis city (balance), Indiana 39
Toledo city, Ohio 38.7
Baltimore city, Maryland 38.4
Scottsdale city, Arizona 38.4
Seattle city, Washington 37.9
Kansas City city, Missouri 37.9
Denver city, Colorado 37.8
St. Petersburg city, Florida 37.6
San Francisco city, California 37.5
Boston city, Massachusetts 37.3
Philadelphia city, Pennsylvania 36.7
Milwaukee city, Wisconsin 36.6
Chicago city, Illinois 36.3
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