Sexuality in France - statistics & facts

Internationally, the French have a reputation as sensual lovers with a natural instinct for seduction. But what does that mean, statistically speaking?
On average, most French lovers meet at work. Half of French men have fantasized about a work colleague, compared to 30 percent of women in 2018. Furthermore, 33 percent of people surveyed reported having had sex or sex games at work with a colleague.

Sexual identity and online practices

As much as the French like the typical model of a nuclear family, with 83 percent of the population reported as exclusively heterosexual, they are more liberated than 60 years ago. 12 percent of young women and 8 percent of young men stated that they had already been in a homosexual relationship and enjoyed it. 86 percent of French citizens think homosexuality is a way of life that should be accepted by society.
While 20 percent of people had developed a romantic and sexual relationship with someone they had met online, 9 percent had an exclusively sexual relationship. Technology has made it possible to transfer experiences into the virtual world. In times of lockdowns and restrictions due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, such platforms seem to be a popular tool for dealing with sexual frustration. However, French people are still cautious, as about 18 to 20 percent feared that their private and online sexual experiences might be leaked.

Sexual practices among men and women

Conventional practices have evolved in France. From 1970 to 2019, the number of women having already used a sexual accessory rose from 55 to 91 percent. Additionally, masturbation is less of a taboo subject for young women. More than 75 percent said that they had already practiced it, compared to 80 percent of men aged 18 to 34 who had done it and enjoyed it. For men, more than three quarters desire sex of longer duration.
48 percent of young women admit to having lied to their partner about reaching an orgasm, compared to 42 percent of men of all ages. But the happiness with the choice of partner who seems to care is equally distributed among different relationship constellations.
Sexual safety is a topic most French people seem to be well aware of and consider important. 94 percent of women knew about the pill and other products on the contraceptive market, while 59 percent reported using a contraceptive method in 2019. With the condom being the most effective against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and an agent against pregnancies, when young people were asked why they would choose not to use a condom, most of them replied that they simply did not have one at hand or did not want to.

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