Types of video news consumed in selected countries worldwide in 2015

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Live stream (breaking news)Live stream coverage of other scheduled event (e.g. political, fashion)News clip that adds drama to a text story (e.g. eyewitness testimony, raw footage of a news event)News clip that provided context or analysis on a text story (e.g. journalist/politician talking to camera, or a short interview)Longer news programme accessed on demand (e.g. a stream or download of politics, health, tech, film, food)

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The statistic presents data on video news consumption in selected countries worldwide in 2015, broken down by type. During the survey period it was found that 47 percent of respondents from Ireland reported watching live breaking news streams.
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Release date
June 2015
Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, United States
Survey time period
January and February 2015
Number of respondents
n = 3,155*
Special properties
among those who watched news video in the past month
Method of interview
Online survey
Supplementary notes
* Sample sizes:
France: n = 382
Finland: n = 334
Germany: n = 353
Ireland: n = 408
Italy: n = 511
United Kingdom: n = 460
United States: n = 707.

The source did not provide information on the age of the respondents. The data was weighted to reflect the entire country's population.
The source also made the following remarks:
1. "This is an online survey – and as such the results will underrepresent the consumption habits of people who are not online (typically older, less affluent, and with limited formal education)"
2. "We filtered out anyone who said that they had not consumed any news in the past month, in order to ensure that irrelevant responses didn’t adversely affect data quality. This category was between one percent and three percent in most countries but as high as eight percent in the UK."
During the survey, this question was posed as follows: "Which TYPES of news video have you watched online in the last month? Please select all that apply."

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