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Statista dossier on the global data center market

Table of contents

    • Share of IT infrastructure spending worldwide 2014-2024, by deployment type

    • IT data center systems total spending worldwide 2012-2023

    • Spending on cloud and data centers 2009-2021, by segment

    • Global data center use by organizations 2020, by type

    • Worldwide enterprise cloud strategy 2017-2022

    • Number of data centers worldwide 2022, by country

    • Number of data centers in selected European countries 2021

    • Data center power supply in Europe 2021, by city

    • Global data center markets ranked by cost of construction per watt 2021

    • Global colocation data center market revenue 2021-2028

    • Global market share of colocation data center revenue worldwide 2021, by vendor

    • Number of Equinix IBX data centers worldwide 2016-2020, by region

    • Public cloud services market size 2017-2023

    • Cloud infrastructure services market spending worldwide 2016-2022

    • Cloud infrastructure services revenue worldwide 2018-2022, by quarter

    • Cloud infrastructure services market share quarterly worldwide 2017-2022, by vendor

    • Leading cloud provider for cloud on-ramps in data centers worldwide 2020, by region

    • Global figure of hyperscale data centers 2015-2021

    • Share of hyperscale data center locations quarterly worldwide 2017-2020, by country

    • Global hyperscale operators capex 2016-2021, by quarter

    • Global IaaS and PaaS hyperscaler market share 2020-2022, by vendor

    • Server market revenue worldwide 2009-2021, by quarter

    • Server vendor market share worldwide 2009-2021, by quarter

    • Market revenue from external enterprise storage systems 2009-2021, by quarter

    • Enterprise external storage systems vendor market share 2008-2021, by quarter

    • Global Ethernet switch market revenue 2012-2021, by quarter

    • Global ethernet switch vendor market share 2011-2020, by quarter

    • Cloud IT infrastructure revenue worldwide 2013-2021, by quarter

    • Global cloud IT infrastructure spending 2020, by platform

    • Quarterly market share of global cloud IT infrastructure 2013-2021, by vendor

    • Methods operators of data center infrastructure use to measure success worldwide 2019

    • Frequency of data center server replacement worldwide 2018-2020

    • Methods of handling data center e-waste worldwide 2019-2020

    • Leading U.S. data center strategic priorities 2020

    • Leading U.S. data center cost reduction methods in-use and expected worldwide 2020

    • Share of data centers collecting water usage data worldwide 2020

    • Data center average annual power usage effectiveness (PUE) worldwide 2007-2021

    • Semiconductor market size worldwide 2020-2030, by application

    • Global cloud IT infrastructure spending 2013-2026

    • Global current and planned cloud models 2020-2025, by deployment model

    • Global CAPEX of edge computing devices and infrastructure 2019-2028

    • Global power footprint share of edge computing infrastructure 2028, by vertical

    • Benefits of edge computing 2020

    • Impact of 5G adoption on data center infrastructure worldwide 2019

    • Data center staff levels impacted by AI in the next five years worldwide 2020

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