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Statista dossier about the healthcare company UnitedHealth Group

Table of contents

    • 2021 global list of top health care equipment and service companies based on revenue

    • 2021 list of top health care equipment and service U.S. companies by revenue

    • U.S. pharmacies ranked by prescription drugs market share 2021

    • World's most valuable healthcare brands 2021 by brand value

    • Market share of top U.S. health insurance companies 2022

    • Total revenue of UnitedHealth Group 2007-2021

    • Net earnings of UnitedHealth Group 2007-2021

    • Total assets of UnitedHealth Group 2007-2021

    • Operating costs of UnitedHealth Group 2013-2021 by type

    • Basic earnings per share attributable to UnitedHealth Group 2006-2021

    • Revenues by UnitedHealth Group 2013-2021 by type

    • Revenues generated by UnitedHealth Group 2013-2021 by subsidiary

    • Revenues generated by UnitedHealthcare 2013-2021 by business

    • Revenues generated by Optum 2013-2021 by business

    • Largest health insurance companies in U.S. 2021, by membership

    • Total revenue of Anthem 2010-2021

    • CVS Health's revenue 2005-2021

    • Total revenue of Cigna 2014-2021

    • Revenue of Humana from 2008 to 2021

    • Number of individuals employed by UnitedHealth Group 2010-2021

    • Number of individuals served by UnitedHealthcare 2021, by segment

    • Leading ten Medicare Advantage organizations by enrollment 2020

    • Distribution of Medicare Advantage enrollment in the U.S. 2021, by firm

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