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Statista dossier about eating habits in Italy

This report gives current information about eating habits in Italy. It contains a general overview on the food consumption and spending in Italy, in terms of products categories and main differences within the country. Furthermore, this study highlights the knowledge of consumers in the field of nutrition and presents leading trends in food preferences and attitude of consumers towards foreign cuisines. Lastly, some insights about cooking and meal habits are given, together with main figures on food delivery.

Table of contents

  • 1. Food consumption
    • Italy: household average monthly consumption expenditure 2008-2018

    • Italy: monthly household consumption expenditure on food and beverages 2018

    • Italy: value of food consumption 2016, by category

    • Italy: food spending 2018, by category

    • Italy: at home food spending 2016, by macro-region

    • Italy: organic food consumption 2018, by product category

    • Italy: packaged goods consumption 2014-2017, by category

  • 2. Knowledge in nutrition
    • Italy: individuals reading labels on food products 2017

    • Italy: consumers reading product labels 2016, by frequency

    • Italy: information sources about healthy food 2016

    • Italy: awareness of fruit and vegetables nutritional properties 2017

    • Italy: choice of fruit and vegetables based on nutritional properties 2017

    • Italy: mothers' awareness about nutrition education 2016

    • Italy: families thinking that wrong diets cause most diseases in 2017

  • 3. Eating habits & preferences
    • Italy: healthy eating habits 2016

    • Italy: nutrition types in 2017

    • Survey: food choices in Italy 2016, by category

    • Italy: share of individuals following the Mediterranean diet 2016

    • Vegetarianism and veganism among young adults in selected European countries 2017

    • Italy: opinions about Italian cuisine 2018

    • Italy: attitude towards exotic food in 2017

    • Italy: ethnic food eating frequency 2017

    • Italy: frequency of eating pasta in 2017

    • Italy: consumption of cured meat 2017, by age group

    • Population eating vegetables or fruit portions in Italy 2017, by region

    • Italy: most avoided food ingredients in 2016

    • Italy: least trusted food products 2015

    • Survey: food choices of Italians pursuing a healthier lifestyle in 2016, by behavior

  • 4. Cooking trends
    • Italy: percentage change in sales volume of ready to eat first courses 2018

    • Italy: consumption volume trend of first course food products 2016, by product type

    • Survey: favorite dishes among millennials in Italy 2016

    • Italy: preferred retail product to prepare tomato pasta in 2017

    • Italy: popular food recipes with rice 2018

    • Italy: oil type used to cook 2018

    • Italy: frying frequency 2018

  • 5. Meal habits
    • Food habits of individuals in Italy 2017

    • Individuals having an adequate breakfast in Italy 2017, by age

    • Italy: reasons to choose a sweet breakfast 2015

    • Italy: breakfast eating habits 2016, by products type

    • Lunch eating habits of individuals in Italy 2017, by age

    • Italy: out-of-home lunch products average price 2015

  • 6. Food delivery
    • Italy: use of take away or food delivery services in 2016

    • Italy: online food delivery usage 2018, by frequency

    • Italy: distribution of home delivery orders by cuisine type 2015

    • Italy: average expenditure orders to Just Eat in 2016, by method

    • Survey: organize a home dinner with friends in Italy in 2015

    • Survey: foods delivered among adults in Italy in 2015, by type

    • Italy: food ordering share at lunch break 2017, by profession

    • Survey: foods delivered among students in Italy in 2015, by type

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