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The category Food & Nutrition provides facts and market data on the food industry. It illuminates Milk & Dairy Products, Fish & Meat, Fruit & Vegetables, Bread & Bakery, Organic & Health Food, Convenience & Frozen Food, Functional Food & Dietary Supplements, Sweets & Snacks, Condiments & Seasoning and Eating Behavior.

In order to meet nutritional needs and dietary guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a sufficient intake of food is absolutely essential for everyone. The industry offers data on consumption patterns across all food categories with special focus on per capita consumption. It highlights how important each product is for its specific market and deals with sales shares of each category. With regard to consumer behavior, statistics on grocery expenditure, which brands and companies consumers favor and how often customers shop for a product are shown.

The food market in the United States is a highly competitive business and is characterized by multinational players such as Nestlé S.A., PepsiCo Inc., General Mills Inc. and Kraft Foods Group. In this context, rankings of leading manufacturers are given and detailed company-related data featuring, for example, annual revenue, sales distribution or total number of employees are specified.

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