Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Chile

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Statista Dossier on coronavirus (COVID-19) in Chile

As of March 2020, Chile is one of the Latin American countries most affected by the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This study provides an overview of its impact in the country, featuring data on health expenditures, hospital infrastructure, consumer behavior, and public opinion.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Latin America: COVID-19 tests 2021

    • Latin America: COVID-19 cases 2021, by country

    • Latin America: COVID-19 deaths 2021, by country

    • Chile: COVID-19 cases and deaths 2021

    • Chile: COVID-19 cases 2021, by region

    • Chile: COVID-19 deaths 2021, by region

  • 2. Health system
    • Chile: health spending as share of GDP 2010-2019

    • Chile: Governmental health expenditure 2015-2019

    • Chile: health spending per person 2010-2019

    • Chile: number of hospitals 2020, by region

    • Chile: number of hospital beds 2019, by type

    • Chile: GHS Index 2019, by category

  • 3. Economic impact
    • Chile: exchange value of peso to USD 2020

    • Chile: IPSA stock market index 2020

    • Chile: opinion on GDP growth after the COVID-19 outbreak March 2020

    • Chile: opinion on the economic sectors most affected by COVID-19

    • Chile: COVID-19 impact on the industry and services sector in Santiago 2020

    • Chile: company problems due to COVID-19

    • Chile: share of companies implementing home office in Santiago 2020, by sector

  • 4. Consumer behavior
    • Chile: impact of COVID-19 on the trade sector in Santiago, by type 2020

    • Chile: behavior modifications due to COVID-19 2020

    • Chile: consumer behavior modifications due to COVID-19 2020

    • Chile: face masks and antibacterial sales growth due to COVID-19

    • Chile: change in Google searches with the COVID-19 outbreak

    • Chile: most tweeted about TV programs during the COVID-19 outbreak

    • Chile: share of monthly booking cancellations 2020

  • 5. Public opinion
    • Chile: economic expectations after COVID-19 among businesspeople March 2020

    • Chile: perceptions on country's preparation against coronavirus 2020

    • Chile: perceptions on measures against coronavirus 2020

    • Chile: perceptions on government response against coronavirus 2020

    • Chile: fear of COVID-19 infection 2020

    • Chile: perceptions on the length of coronavirus 2020

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