Money in women's sport and the gender pay gap

A Statista DossierPlus on money in women's sport

Money in women's sport and the gender pay gap This DossierPlus aims to outline the development of women's professional sport over the last decades and its position within the wider context of the global sports industry. Despite the industry generating revenues reaching into the billions of dollars every year, the DossierPlus addresses the potential reasons why a gender pay gap exists in the world of professional sport.

The DossierPlus also looks at the challenges faced by female athletes to establish a livelihood within their given sports and the attempt by women's professional sports leagues and teams to step out of the shadow of their male counterparts.

Ultimately, the DossierPlus considers the reasons why male athletes and leagues are able to command higher earnings both on and away from the sports field and what role marketers and advertisers can play in order to level the playing field.
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