Eating out behavior in the U.S. - Statistics & Facts

Eating out behavior in the U.S. - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts on eating out behavior in the U.S.

In 2013, food and drink sales in the United States restaurant industry reached 659.31 billion U.S. dollars. This is unsurprising considering almost 83 percent of U.S. consumers visited quick service restaurants and just over 68 percent visited casual dining restaurants at least once a week in 2013. Such frequency of visits means plenty of consumer spending.

The average eater check in 2013 was 13.75 U.S. dollars in casual dining restaurants and 5.32 U.S. dollars in quick service restaurants. When it came to fine dining the average check was much higher at 28.55 U.S. dollars. The price of a meal is important to U.S. diners: 84 percent stated that it was an important factor in their restaurant experience, ranking it third after food taste and order accuracy. However, when choosing a new restaurant to visit, consumers were influenced the most by recommendations from family and friends.

When dining out, the majority of U.S. consumers chose quick service and fast casual restaurants for lunch in 2013. For dinner, over 74 percent ate most frequently at casual dining restaurants. When it came to the type of food they were eating, Americans were happy to stick to their own as their most popular choice of cuisine was American. The least popular cuisine for both 2012 and 2013 was French.

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