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The global newspaper industry is worth about 155 billion U.S. dollars and was slightly but steadily increasing since 2013. However, the printed newspaper circulation is facing a decline due to the rise of digital media. A similar pattern can be observed in Australia. Newspaper publishers’ key source of revenue, advertising costs, are projected to decrease within the next years. The total newspaper advertising market in Australia is expected to shrink to around 1.37 billion Australian dollars by 2022, after having peaked in 2014 with almost 2.6 billion Australian dollars.

Despite the general decline of the newspaper market in Australia, the digital newspaper market is increasing and is forecasted to even further surge within the next few years. Likewise, the newspaper advertising revenues for digital newspapers are forecasted to grow in spite of the general drop of the newspaper advertising market.

Australians still enjoy reading printed newspapers. There are two national and ten state or territory daily newspapers. Of course, there is a huge variety of regional dailies and other regional and suburban newspapers in Australia. The Australian is both the most popular daily and weekly newspaper with the by far largest national readership in Australia. There is still a large share of Australians that pay for printed newspapers and this number seems to be increasing among Millennials. However, in terms of online representation, the Australian does not seem to be the best. The Sydney Morning Herald was the most popular daily news channel on YouTube with approximately 5.7 million uploaded video views compared to only around 695,000 uploaded online video views for the Australian.

Nowadays, fake news seem to be talked of around the globe. Still, the majority of newspaper readers in Australia trusts the news. This number is higher among readers who read printed newspapers compared to online news consumers. Among those who are concerned about fake news, mostly stories that are made up for political or commercial reasons are an issue, but also poor journalism that includes factual mistakes, misleading headlines or clickbait is a problem news consumers are exposed to in Australia.

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