Love & Sex

Statistics and Market Data on Love & Sex

Love & Sex statistics Love & sex is a popular topic among lifestyle statistics researchers; this category includes a vast amount of figures, stats, surveys and data on relationship issues, sexuality and sexual orientation, on first loves, monogamy and polygamy, and faithful partners and cheaters. Additionally, it also provides you with the latest general benchmark figures on love and sex, of course.

In detail, the Love subcategory, for example, provides you with data and statistics on issues like single households in the US, or on Americans’ attitude towards love, among numerous others. If you need an informative overview, you can also have a look at the dossiers we have compiled, for example on love in the United States, on singles, or on single parents.

The Sex subcategory includes not only statistics on diverse topics like the reasons for US women to take birth control, or the moral stance of Americans on abortion, but also comprehensive dossiers on topics like homosexuality, or sexuality in general. This category also provides you with informative data on sexual intercourse - for example, on the average number of sexual partners worldwide, on unplanned pregnancies in the US, or on sexual preferences of Americans.

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