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Where You Can Surf a Lot For a Little in the EU


The EU is harmonizing mobile roaming prices. This also applies to prices for data roaming. They are set to drop from € 7.70 per GB to from June 15, 2017, to € 2.50 per GB as of January 1, 2022, according to a decision announced by the European Commission on Wednesday.

As our infographic shows, there still are huge differences across the EU, when it comes to providing low-price high-speed 4G data volume. While some countries have scrapped the data cap altogether, in others you get an astonishing bad deal in comparison. For example 30 Euros can get you 60 GB in Estonia, while you’ll have to put up with a tenth of volume for the same price in Germany, according to the Digital Fuel Monitor.

Infographic: Where You Can Surf a Lot For a Little in the EU | Statista
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