Crime clearance rate in the United States in 2015, by type

This statistic shows the crime clearance rate in the United States. In 2015, total 37.8 percent of all known forcible rape offenses were cleared by arrest or by exceptional means.

Crime in the U.S.

The term crime describes an unlawful act punishable by state, such as murder, rape and theft. Every state has its own criminal law to define criminal offences.

Violent crime is a crime in which an offender uses or threatens force upon a victim, it includes murder, rape and sexual assault, robbery and assault. In 2012, the rate of violent crime in Tennessee was 643.6 per 100.000 inhabitants, which was the highest amongst all U.S. states. That year, the total violent crime rate was 386.9 per 100.000 inhabitants in the United States.

The number of murder victims in the United States varies from state to state, 682 murders were counted in New York in 2012, while only 14 murders were counted in South Dakota. According to the FBI, the number of murder victims due to juvenile gang killings stood at 720 and 148 murder victims killed by an argument over money or property were counted in 2012.

The reported property crime rate in the United States has decreased over the past few years. The number of reported property crime rate stood at 5,073.1 per 100.000 of the population in 1990, while in 2013 only 2,370.7 property crime cases per 100.000 of the population were counted.

The speed and anonymity of the Internet brings up a new and fast-growing area of crime, cybercrime. The crimes can be defined as attacks against computer hardware and software, financial crimes and abuse, especially of young people. The average cost of cybercrime attacks in the United States amounted to 12.69 million U.S. dollars as of June 2014.

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 Percent of offenses cleared by arrest
Murder and  nonnegligent, manslaughter 61.5%
Aggravated assault 54%
Violent  crime 46%
Rape (revised definition) 37.8%
Robbery 29.3%
Larceny-theft 21.9%
Arson 20.4%
Property crime 19.4%
Motor vehicle theft 13.1%
Burglary 12.9%
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