Total number of existing and new car models offered in the U.S. market from 2000 to 2016

The statistic shows the total number of car models offered in the U.S. market from 2000 to 2016. In 2008, there were 225 existing and 45 new car models offered in the U.S. market.

Number of car models offered in the U.S. market

In 2009, there were 230 new and existing car models that were offered within the United States market. In 2009, 39 new car models were launched into the United States market. Small and mid-sized cars made up the largest share of the country’s automobile market, accounting for 39.3 and 34 percent of new car models, respectively, in 2012.

In terms of U.S. light vehicle sales, General Motors was the most important vehicle manufacturer as of March 2014, followed by Ford, Toyota, Nissan and Fiat-owned Chrysler. About 4.4 million passenger cars were produced in the United States in 2013. As of 2013, the Ford Focus was among the best selling car models in the world, totaling in excess of one million sales that year. The Ford Focus began production in 1998 under the Ford Motor Company in Europe and soon after moved to North America in 1999. Worldwide production of the Ford Focus is expected to increase to 1.13 million units in 2015. The Detroit carmaker expects Asia Pacific to contribute around 40 percent of its vehicle sales in four or five years’ time. In light of growing global warming awareness, it is expected that more models with alternative propulsion systems and lighter materials will be launched in 2014 and 2015.

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