What keeps you from joining a health club now?*

The statistic shows the results of a survey concerned with the reasons why people don't join a health club. 27 percent of respondents say they don't join a health club because they can exercise for free somewhere else.

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 Percentage of respondents
Too expensive / cannot afford it 54%
I exercise somewhere else for free 27%
No time 18%
I do not exercise 18%
I would feel out of place 17%
I participate in another type of exercise outside the health club 13%
There is no health club located close to me 12%
It's too crowded 10%
Nobody I know goes to a health club 9%
I don't know what I would do there 9%
I have an injury / surgery / other condition and therefore cannot join a health club 9%
I am too out of shape to even think about it 8%
I am not sure there is someone there to guide 3%
I might hurt myself 3%
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