Share of mobile phone users that use a smartphone in China from 2013 to 2019*

This statistic presents the smartphone user penetration rate (amongst mobile phone users) in China from 2013 to 2014 and also provides a forecast for the years 2015 to 2019. The forecast estimates that the smartphone penetration rate will reach about 53.3 percent by 2016.

China smartphone penetration – additional information

The number of smartphones sold worldwide has passed the one billion mark in 2014. More than one third of the world’s population is forecast to own a smartphone by 2017. China, one of the largest and fast-growing global economies, is anticipated to lead the global smartphone market, with over 30 percent of the share in 2017, followed by the U.S. with 12 percent.

In 2014, there were more than 480 million smartphone users in China. By 2019, this figure is forecast to total nearly 690 million. Smartphone users in China accounted for 43 percent of all mobile phone users in 2013. More than 60 percent of the Chinese mobile phone users are projected to use a smartphone by 2019. Smartphone users in China are fairly divided among genders. In 2014, 54 percent of the smartphone users in China were male and 46 were female. In terms of age, just over half of all smartphone users are young adults aged between 18 and 34 years old.

Samsung and Apple lead the smartphone market in China in 2015, with sales forecast to reach 65 million units and 36 million units, respectively. Google’s Android is the most popular operating system in China, with more than 70 percent of the share as of July 2015, followed by Apple’s iOS with nearly 25 percent.

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 Share of mobile users with smartphone
2013 43%
2014 48.1%
2015 50.9%
2016 53.3%
2017 56%
2018 59.3%
2019 63.3%
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