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Statista dossier on online behavior in Belgium

Whether you are an online company aiming to get a foodhold in Belgium or you are just curious to learn more about Belgianonline attitudes, understanding key internet usage statistics is a first step. This dossier aims to bring together different facts on commonly asked questions about the Internet in Belgium. These include:

  • Internet access;
    How many people in Belgium use the Internet?
  • Broadband;
    How fast are Internet connections in the country?
  • Mobile devices;
    Which devices are used to access the Internet?
  • Smartphone;
    What is the smartphone penetration in Belgium, and which apps are the most popular?
  • Time online;
    How much time do people spend online?
  • Social media;
    What is Belgian behavior on social media like?
  • Online purchases;
    Do Belgians use the Internet for online shopping?
  • Online banking;
    Are online financial services popular in Belgium?
  • Browsers;
    Do Belgians consumers prefer to use Google Chrome or Safari on their smartphone?
  • Privacy and crime;
    Are Belgians worried about cybercrime offenses?

Table of contents

  • 1. Internet access
    • Online users in the Benelux region 2021, by country

    • Penetration rate of internet users in the Benelux region 2021, by country

    • Share of households with internet connection in Belgium 2008-2019

    • Share of households with internet connection in Belgium 2008-2018, by region

  • 2. Broadband
    • Share of households with broadband internet access in Belgium 2005-2020

    • Number of broadband households in Belgium 2010-2018

    • Forecast of the mobile broadband connections in Belgium 2018-2025

    • Broadband internet coverage in Belgium 2018, by technology

  • 3. Mobile devices
    • Mobile connections in the Benelux region 2017-2019, by country

    • Device penetration rate in Belgium 2019, by device

    • Web traffic distribution in Belgium 2017-2018, by device

  • 4. Smartphone
    • Forecast of the smartphone user penetration rate in Belgium 2018-2025

    • Smartphone ownership in Belgium 2018, by age

    • Share of Flemish people with a smartphone in their household in Belgium 2010-2019

  • 5. Time online
    • Internet usage frequency during the last three months in Belgium 2019

    • Average daily time spent online in Belgium 2018-2019

    • Volume roaming minutes in Belgium 2013-2018

  • 6. Social media
    • Penetration rate of active social media users Benelux region 2021, by country

    • Social media usage frequency during the last three months in Belgium 2019, by age

    • Monthly number of Facebook users in Belgium 2018-2021

    • Facebook user share in Belgium 2021, by age group and gender

    • Monthly number of Instagram users in Belgium 2018-2021

    • Instagram user distribution in Belgium 2021, by age group and gender

  • 7. Online purchases
    • Market size of e-commerce in Belgium 2015-2019

    • POS and e-ecommerce revenue Belgium 2018-2020, with a 2024 forecast

    • E-commerce penetration in Belgium 2015-2019

    • Online buyer penetration in Belgium 2011-2020

    • E-commerce website drivers in Belgium 2019

  • 8. Online banking
    • Share of the population that used internet banking in Belgium 2008-2019

    • Number of mobile banking subscriptions in Belgium 2011-2019

    • Online banking usage in Belgium 2006-2019, by age

    • Online banking use of both men and women in Belgium 2006-2019

    • Ranking of selected banking apps in Belgium, based on DAU 2017-2019

  • 9. Browsers
    • Web browser market share in Belgium in 2020

    • Market shares of search engines in Belgium 2009-2020

    • Search engine host market share on desktop in Belgium 2020

    • Search engine host market share on mobile in Belgium 2020

  • 10. Privacy and crime
    • Cybercrime in Belgium 2008-2019

    • Cybercrime cases in Flanders 2009-2019

    • Number of cases of online banking fraud in Belgium 2006-2019

    • Frequency of payment card or online banking fraud Belgium 2018

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