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Statista dossier about internet usage in Europe

This dossier provides information on the internet usage in Europe. It contains data about the current internet penetration in the European Union (28) as a whole and in the different European countries. Forecasts, statistics on the age distribution, and on the frequency of use of the internet round out the initial overview. The dossier contains additional information on mobile internet use. Furthermore, it takes a closer look on what the Internet is used for with a special focus on Europeans access of social media.

Table of contents

  • 1. Reach and Demographics
    • Household internet access in the European Union (EU28) 2007-2016

    • Household internet access in European countries 2016

    • Western Europe: internet user penetration 2014-2019

    • Central and Eastern Europe: internet user penetration 2013-2019

    • Europe: age distribution of internet users 2014

  • 2. Usage Behavior
    • Frequency of internet use in the European Union (EU28) 2016

    • Daily internet usage in European countries 2016

    • E-mail communication usage in European countries 2016

    • Penetration of online job searching and application in European countries 2015

    • Creating a website or blog in the European Union 2012-2016

    • Uploading self-created content to the internet in the European Union 2008-2016

    • Online voice and video calling in the European Union 2008-2016

  • 3. Mobile Internet
    • Mobile broadband penetration in Western Europe 2014

    • Mobile internet penetration in Eastern Europe 2014

    • Western Europe: mobile phone internet user penetration 2012-2017

    • Central and Eastern Europe: mobile phone internet user penetration 2012-2017

    • Europe: daily time spent online via mobile 2015, by age group

    • Mobile internet usage penetration in European countries 2016, by device

  • 4. Social Media
    • Europe: social media penetration 2014

    • Monthly active mobile social media users in European countries 2017

    • Active social media penetration in European countries 2017

    • Central and Eastern Europe: number of social network users 2013-2019

    • Central and Eastern Europe: social network penetration in 2014-2018

    • Visiting social networking websites everyday in European countries 2013

    • Accessing Facebook in European countries 2013

    • Accessing YouTube in European countries 2013

    • Accessing Google Plus in European countries 2013

    • Accessing Twitter in European countries 2013

  • Language: English
  • Released: December 2015
  • Source(s): Statista
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