Organic food market in Canada

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Statista dossier on the organic food market in Canada

Table of contents

    • Area of organic farming worldwide 2000-2020

    • Organic agricultural land: leading countries worldwide 2020

    • Leading 10 global organic food producing countries 2020, by number of producers

    • Worldwide sales of organic foods 1999-2020

    • Organic food market: leading countries 2020, based on sales

    • Global retail sales share of organic food 2020, by region

    • North America: organic agricultural land area 2000-2020

    • Organic land area share as a share of total farming land in North America 2013-2020

    • Value of the organic food market in Canada 2005-2018

    • Canadian organic agricultural land area 2010-2020

    • Share of land used for organic farming in Canada 2000-2020

    • Number of organic farms in Canada in 2009-2020

    • Production of organic milk in Canada 2007-2020

    • Canadian production of organic milk by province 2019/20

    • Number of organic milk farms in Canada 2006-2020

    • Number of organic milk farms in Canada by province 2019/20

    • Value of organic imports to Canada from 2012-2017

    • Import volume of organic apples to Canada 2010/11-2020/21

    • Import volume of organic grapes to Canada 2010/11-2020/21

    • Import volume of organic pears to Canada 2010/11-2020/21

    • Organic packaged foods sales value in Canada 2016-2023

    • Canadian CAGR of organic food by product type 2020-2023

    • Canadian organic pasta and noodle retail sales 2014-2022

    • Canadian retail sales of organic beverages 2013-2022

    • Attitudes towards organic products in Canada 2019

    • Categories in which consumers purchase organic products regularly in Canada 2019

    • Share of Canadians regularly purchasing organic products 2016-2019

    • Share of Canadian consumers who eat only organic foods 2018

    • Where Canadians buy organic products 2019

    • Retailers Canadian organic food buyers shop at most often 2019

    • Canadians who include or avoid organic foods in their diet by age and gender 2019

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