Consumption and purchasing habits in Spain

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Statista dossier on shopping behavior and habits in Spain

Table of contents

    • Consumers opinion on the economic situation in Spain 2019-2020

    • Monthly national minimum wage in Spain 2008-2022

    • Average net income per person in Spain 2000-2020

    • Average net income per person in Spain 2020, by region

    • Unemployment rate in Spain 2020

    • Household consumption and evolution of employment rate in Spain 2007-2020

    • Small shops or large chains: consumer preferences Spain 2015-2021

    • Most valued aspects of large retail chains by Spanish consumers 2021

    • Most valued aspects of neighborhood shops by Spanish consumers 2020

    • Consumers' reasons to trust on stores in Spain 2020

    • Leading reasons to shop online rather than in stores in Spain 2022

    • COVID-19: changes in shopping basket during lockdown in Spain 2020

    • Average spending in purchases in Spain 2020, by sector

    • Annual food spending in Spanish households 2009-2020

    • Consumer spending in clothing in Spain 2007-2019

    • Consumer spending on furnishings and household equipment in Spain 2005-2019

    • Domestic and outbound tourism spending in Spain 2015-2020, by destination type

    • COVID-19: products with the most demand in Spain as of March 2020

    • Percentage of households and NPISHs disposable income in Spain 2005-2020

    • Customers who wait for sales or offers for major purchases in Spain 2015-2020

    • Type of second hand products purchased in Spain 2020

    • Popularity of shopping on credit in Spain 2015-2020

    • Popularity of shopping on credit by item in Spain 2015-2020

    • E-commerce user penetration in Spain 2010-2021

    • Leading products and services bought online in Spain 2021

    • Devices used for online shopping in Spain 2022

    • Average spending per online shopper in Spain 2022, by range

    • Online searching and shopping habits in Spain 2018-2021

    • Main social networks used for commercial purposes in Spain 2022

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